Sunday, 28 September 2008

Kind Words From A Kind Dog

Hello All

A short blog tonight but both my mistress and I are feeling a lot better this week.

We were thinking over the last blog and the very kind thoughts that George the Pup sent. Looking back really we found that it wasn't so bad and Georges good wishes made us see that. The house still stands nobody has died and we are snug, warm, well fed and both of us with a reasonable occupation. ( Mine, if you are interested, is letting the old ladies round where we live make a fuss of me and giving them affection) Nothing terrible had happened

In many aspects that the idea of the man in front of you may have a far worse situation than you have does not stop your own situation being a problem - but it does put it into some perspective. For instance it has made me enjoy the recent Autumn sunshine even more. We went up to the stones today and it was fantastic just to be able to bound around and shove my nose into anything and everything.

For my mistress it has made her think how easy it is just to complain. She was telling myself and Bernard (my big friend from over the rainbow bridge) that she was out to dinner with friends among which was the hypnotherapist of her team and the thing that hit home was how positive this lady was Attractive but not stunning, it was her enthusiasm and joy of life that made her stand out. Just the positivity around her made my mistress smile and think that she should be more the same.

One other thing that she told me was that the hypnotherapist got all her companions to think of some other woman, dead or alive, who inspired them. For my mistress, she thought of dividing the exercise into two sections. Who she would model her appearance on and who she would like to be like. She came up with the british actress Felicity Kendel and the late british polition Mo Moland. A mixture of cute sexiness and practical kindness

The meal was absolutely superb with some of the best flash fried steak she ever had. I know this since she bought me a little back in a doggy bag to share

The biggest thing this week is that my mistress has had some tooth ache. To deal with it she has been dousing the tooth and gum with propolis tincture ( Bee 'spit' and alcohol which is a natural antibiotic) Now she doesn't know if the propolis has worked, the alcohol has anaesthetised the tooth or she is just 'pished' (unlikely since there simply is not enough brandy to make a bee drunk) At all events the tooth has stopped hurting!

Well that's it for the time being

Look after yourselves and your companions



Thursday, 18 September 2008

Dust and Ticks

Good Morning Everyone

We're back and what a month!.

Our poor house had more done to it than we had ever realised would be needed.This was to put a damp course into the bottom of the building. All the plaster and skirting boards had to come off and put back. The builders were supposed to stay three days and stayed two weeks. In that time we had massive problems with the electrics and had no broad band or phone line And I haven't even mentioned the problems with dust. There is dust everywhere still!!!! Oh and one aunt still with us but still very poorly. We simply don't know how to help her.

Also I was ill. My mistress thought I had another growth on my skin. I am very old and so do get warts and lumps on my skin which are harmless enough but this one on my face was rather sensitive. So off to the vets I went, both of us very upset by the thought of the visit. It turned out to be an huge tick. Not one that you would normally find in England. The vet managed to get the little ***** *out whole and my mistress watched it for a whole minute before she flattened it! Grateful though I was to get rid of my passenger I was in such a state when I got there I ended up getting my head stuck under the desk trying to get out of the way of the vet .My heart was thumping so much we had crawl home so that I could recover. I was laid out all day.

We are both slowly getting over everything. My mistress who drinks aloe vera has had to up her dose but to be fair she hasn't had one migraine. She has worked on the principal that if you are going to be stressed and you know it then throw everything you can at it to beat it. Before taking aloe and herbs she would have been flat out and exhausted but now she keeps up a steady pace.

My medicines were regular drops of Bach's Rescue Remedy and a small amount of aloe vera with glucosamine to help my bad back. I still have a bad back and stiff shoulders but they are not quite so painful and with the exception of the visit to the vets I have managed quite well although I really hated having the builders drilling the walls

Anyway I am going back for another nap before I go for my walk later on

Onwards and upwards



Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dear All

Well here we are watching the film Hellboy and busy worrying. No pictures tonight just a few thoughts

My mistress has been out at a most fantastic barbecue in the heart of Dreaming Spires country Good company, good food with the River Thames running at the bottom of the garden. There were so many wild plants including one called Lords and Ladies which has wonderful scarlet berries so bright that you can't miss even one in the hedgerow. It is so remote that although the estate has electric gates for protection you were almost left wondering why. No passing burglar would find it, they would have to be particularly dedicated.One ceratinly does not live there - one resides!

Then home to clearing out the downstairs and finding there is not enough room upstairs to put everything. We have the damp course being put in and that means a whole lot of drilling dust and disruption.

I live in a very old kennel/house which needs constant repair and attention but my mistress and I love the old girl dearly (This is definitely a female house/kennel, she is very pretty).She has a lot to offer. Cosy, compact, a tall brick house built on much older foundations dating back to a forteenth centuary. She is definately has a comfortable atmosphere which welcomes you as soon as you come in.You get the impression that this house is keen to look after you. I think she will feel better for the repairs done to her walls although it must be like having surgery.

On a more personal note one of my mistress's family is very ill and she is deeply worried. So am I. This aunt is a kind and generous woman - who my mistress has never known life without and although she has no great love of animals, we make too much mess, she has always been very good to me. There is very little that we can do here other than wait and watch and hope that she will get better soon. You can never measure how precious family, friends and home are until you look like you will loose them

Well that is it for now



Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Good In Every Dog

Good Evening Everyone

No photos this week but a report on an excellent article

My mistress usually buys The Lady Magazine each week. This a magazine that has been published since the stone age and can be pretty bland non taxing reading but sometimes it has one of those articles that just sticks in your mind.

If you get chance have a look at Graeme Simms site www The man is a dog whisperer and his story is an inspiration. From being unemployed and broke at fifty the man has found himself a profession of shepard and whisperer which is useful and a place among the hill farmers community.

He is worth taking notice of if only for the fact he puts forward the idea that every dog has a lot of good in them, more than people admit to. My mistress and I have been say this for years. There is never a bad dog just bad owners and if the dog is aggressive or bad it is because the dog is ill

Well that it for now folks

Take care of yourselves and your owners



Friday, 1 August 2008

Roll Rite Stones

Good Evening All

Well here we are, another two weeks gone by and it hardly seems any time at all.
The weather has been fantastic and far too hot for me and my mistress. My heart's been going like jack hammer and I have had to have my own personal fan to keep cool at night. My mistress has been just wilting.

It's has been quiet in comparison with the flying trip last blog.
The most interesting thing to date is that my mistress went up to the Roll Rite Stones in Oxfordshire with Himself. It must have been the hottest day in the year so far and they went with friends for a picnic.
The Roll Rites have an interesting story. A witch promised an ancient king that if he could see a certain hill from where he stood he would win an important battle. It looked as though he would but the witch played a trick on him and he what he saw was not the hill he was supposed to and so he lost his battle and he and his knights were turned to stone. The witch turned herself into a bleeding elm tree to watch over them. It is said that if you can count the stones and come to the same number three times then you may make a wish but the stones never make the same number twice.
At home we managed to take a great photo of my friend Ringo as in Ringo Dozy Paws
and a rather nice one of me. What do you think?
Well that's it for now
Take care of yourselves and your owners

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Hello Everyone

An earlier blog than for a little while but then my mistress has done something really rather exciting - and she managed to take pictures too

Mistress Winter went gliding!!. I couldn't go but as promised she took pictures to show me and I heard her commentery over the twilight bark zone. My mistress is not great with any kind of actual travel so the idea of flying in an aircraft with no engine was somthing of a challenge.

It was an event set up by a local business club Mistress Winter belongs to and originally she had booked for Himself to go only but a day earlier she found that the organiser had made a mistake and booked them both in to fly. My mistress thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to face the worry and see if she could get over it. After all she had flown since she was three in tiny island aircrafts which seemed little more than taxi's with wings.

As it happened nerves about flying weren't the problem. It was motion sickness. My mistress hadn't flown for a while going everywhere by train or road and it wasn't until she was getting into the glider that she remembered that she sometimes used to get sick. Definately nothing you could do about it at that point - not even worth mentioning - so she didn't.

Take off veiw

Somewhere over Mixlow

When she came down she did look a rather interesting shade of green and everyone congratulated her on being brave but, as she told me it wasn't the ascent and flying she was proud of so much as not throwing up over the pilot. That took some doing. She and I were very pleased to see each other afterwards.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the pictures - apparently the next outing is tank driving. My mistress says she's looking forward to that event much more!!.

Meanwhile take care of yourselves and your owners



Thursday, 17 July 2008

Well a very good evening to you all

Time has flown again and we are into another blog. As like last week my mistress is exausted again - and she's meant to be on holiday!. The problem is, it is very difficult to have a holiday when you work for yourself - but she has got a heck of a lot done!

I have been trotting around doing my job of entertaining the old folk round here, letting them scratch my ears and tell me how handsome I am.I really enjoy their company and it is nice for them to have me to make a fuss of if they don't have a dog of their own I think.

I met up with other dogs this morning for a doggy meeting Cara the big boxer and Tyler the little Beagle Lucy the black lab managed to out run her owner by quite a way which impressed us all. She was very patience waiting for her mistress to catch up.

My mistress came back with two good anecdotes from work this week.

As you know she works in a shop and two well heeled parents came in and while they were buying various remedies for different memebers of the family their mobile phone went off. The father answered it and laughed loudly saying 'just make sure you get the money'

He came back to describe to his wife the following conversation from the son

'I am in trouble - but not much and I am not much hurt - but you will be getting a call from my teacher'

It appears that for sponsering the son squeezed himself in the smallest bin in the school and rolled down a local slope while his friends filmed the event. As only five of his friends fwere there, the boy did again and this time the teacher caught him.

His mother rolled her eyes to the ceiling and said to me 'I wouldn't mind but he's not raising funds for charity - he wants to raise money for a pop concert'

But as the boys father said his son hadn't harmed himself or anyone else so what had the teacher to complain about (I did refraine from mentioning the number of grey hairs of responsibility this pupil will have added to her collection)

I admired the father for being so relaxed about things and his son for being so enterprising. My parents were lovely but not half so fun loving

On the same day a young man came in looking slightly bewildered saying could he buy our flowers and their vasefor props for a film set. I said no because they were part of the shop fittings. Half joking I said he could hire them - which he promptly did for £20. As I said to the boss - I made a reasonable profit.

These even got me smiling. I hope they have you

One more thing. I have my own herb bag for my beds of mint and sage - and it smells fantastic.Really fresh for an old boy like me.

So that's it for the moment, I'm off for dinner

Have a great few weeks and look after each other